Dave Skibinski

David’s first taste of real travel and adventure occurred during a group trip to the Middle East. After touring through some of the most historic, diverse, and beautiful landscapes in the world with a group of new friends and then hiking solo through international borders, Dave was absolutely hooked.

After that, one week trips quickly turned into two weeks, and soon enough being on the road became a preferred lifestyle. Traveling the world, meeting people from all ends of globe, and being immersed in the outdoors changed him in profound ways. An active lifestyle with new friends instilled a sense of relaxed happiness and Live More Adventures is Dave’s goal to share his passion of connecting people through outdoor adventure.


Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa yoga teacher and Thai bodywork practitioner in NYC. Mike battled a chronic back injury but reclaim his health through holistic healing and yoga.

After Mike fell in love with yoga and bodywork he made the decision to quit corporate work and turn his passion into a career. He also works with children and serves as a brand ambassador for a local maple water company. In his free time, Mike takes up creative writing, music, and film work to express himself artistically.



Jacek Foltynski

Jacek is a ski fanatic and aspiring all around outdoorsman. He started skiing as a teenager and never looked back. It opened a new door to the great outdoors. He enjoys hiking, camping, rafting, and urban adventures among many other hobbies. When the snow melts you will find Jacek tearing up a mountain road on his bike, chasing a soccer ball, enjoying the Jersey shore, or underneath his car covered in grease.

Jacek makes every adventure more fun with his contagious laugh and The outdoors are what you make them to be. Jacek believes that everyone can enjoy outdoor activities and adventures as long as they take that first step out of their comfort zone.


Caesar Lopez

Caesar, a Jersey boy, grew up in the burbs of the Garden State now travels all over the country for his favorite outdoor activities. Caesar is an avid, year-round outdoorsman and definition of a weekend warrior. You can find him running obstacles races and hiking 10 months a year and skiing every mountain range in the US during snow season.

Caesar is always up for trying new and fun activities. Caesar is all about meeting new people that share his sense of adventure.


Jean-Sebastien Matte

JS is always ready for the next adventure. He is a former MTB downhill racer, and ski coach. These days you’ll find him skiing or hiking down a mountain and canoeing the region’s rivers. He loves cooking, wine and finding a great drink recipe.

JS is always looking to share those passions with people he meets along his way. His easy-going nature and sense of adventure bring good vibes to every adventure he embarks on. JS is a believer that the outdoors are what you make them to be.


Beth Nist

As one of the very first LMA guides and the first Beth to join the team, Beth has contributed some of peoples' favorite ideas that make our trips special. When Beth isn't diving in the Philippines or hiking in the Rockies you're likely to see her chasing down a piece of litter on the streets of Manhattan.

After retiring from collegiate crew Beth continues to spend as much time as possible on the water. Whether that's the beach or roaring river doesn't really matter as long as there are good friends and strong bug spray around!


Byron Estrada

Hailing from Guatemala, Byron's favorite way of exploring the outdoors is on his feet with a camera. After getting into trekking 3 years ago he has covered close to 50 State and National Parks including the John Muir Trail. His love of hiking awakened his love for landscape photography. Byron believes that you can find poetry in nature through photography.

Byron is a believer that "The outdoors is a necessary therapy from our every day life." If you don't see Byron capturing beauty from the top of a mountain, you can find him coaching soccer on the fields.

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